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The Inner Prize Business Growth Formula

Believe it or not, it's possible to grow your business amidst the powerfully chaotic forces of expansion, complexity and change. Starting now. The Inner Prize Business Growth Formula enables leaders to predict what's coming around the corner to stay ahead of the curve to succeed and grow. 


This people-based model takes the mystery out of why challenges have occurred, continue to occur and most importantly how to stop them in moving forward. Terri promises you will walk away with 2-3 ideas that you can implement immediately.  


In this powerful presentation attendees will:

  • Identify their past, current and future stage of growth and how to adjust to the challenges 

  • Recognize and prepare for the critical Stage Transition Zones - Wind Tunnel and Flood Zone

  • Increase their confidence/caution ratio by understanding the difference between a builder and protector mindset

  • Identify hidden influences that are sabotaging team performance 

  • Learn a language of growth that will engage employees to reach company goals


Additionally, participants will take the 27 Biz Challenges assessment to identify the top five challenges holding them and their organizations back right now. Considering today's marketplace, leaders don't need theories or concepts. This session is filled with answers, specific methods and solutions that deliver growth results.

Terri also offers an Inner Prize Business Growth Formula workshop intensive for company founders and senior managements teams. You can get the details here.

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