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4 Sure-fire Steps to
Motivational Accountability.

December 9, 2016

I’m serious.


Accountability IS motivational. Yet in a recent program too many people shared that when they think of accountability the first thought was not supportive or encouraging. Actually it was negative.


Too often accountability suffers due to a lack of knowledge – team members don’t know how or what direction to take. The work place can feel like a maze in the unknown with people wondering aimlessly and guessing at what to do.


Let’s change that.


I’ve found that people like to do a good job, like to grow and like to develop their abilities to be the best they can. As Daniel Pink tells us in his book ‘Drive’, people are motivated in a work environment that offers autonomy, mastery and a bigger purpose. A culture of accountability supports this.

Here’s why. Accountability is all about setting people up for success in advance. It’s letting them know what’s expected, that there are resources, support is available along the way and there’s appreciation for a job well done.


There’s a simple 4-step process that when followed provides the clarity and infrastructure for everyone to thrive. With clarity of direction the internal motivation to excel is more than possible, it’s probable. Motivation is an inside job.  This cycle becomes self sustaining with consistent reinforcement.


My 4 Steps to Accountability include:

  1. Sharing the Big Picture – the overall company focus and specific goals. This way everyone knows, ‘how what I do every day ties into the results that must be achieved.’

  2. Setting Expectations – providing clear individual expectations and involvement encourages engagement.

  3. Monitoring Progress – manager monitoring and monitoring ones self provides opportunities to reinforce actions

  4. Providing Feedback – good performance = praise feedback, poor performance = corrective feedback.  Feedback drives performance.


Whether positive or corrective, feedback let’s people know how to shine and get that well deserved, motivational acknowledgment.


Accountability is also an inside job. It’s a personal choice to rise above circumstances and own achieving desired results. When team members are accountable to deliver results no matter the challenges or obstacles, and know they’ve done


their best…. there is indeed a feeling of satisfaction from the inside out. Being accountable is motivational and the business results are quantifiable. This is the desired cycle in all business!

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4 Sure-fire Steps to
Motivational Accountability.

December 9, 2016

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