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March 10, 2016











Changing my thoughts can happen quickly.


That’s a concept that typically gets a few laughs! Yet it can happen quickly and painlessly. It does however take desire and a commitment to make a change.

It’s good to know this any time your desired outcome isn’t aligned with your reality. Said another way, when the results you are achieving aren’t the results you desire!


I worked with Angela, an onsite Property Manager who shared that she recently started leaving the office at 6pm, was getting more high-level work done, and got an A in her math class at the junior college. This all came on the heels of her family missing her at evening meals, feelings of overwhelm and having never gotten above a C in math in her life.


How did these things happen? First she changed her thoughts about what’s possible and then integrated new thinking into her subconscious mind. Change your thoughts, change your results.


Easier said than done?


This gets into the subconscious mind vs. the conscious mind conversation.

Think of it this way, your conscious mind has amazing abilities to analyze, reason, invent, make executive decisions and think about the future. Yet it’s only responsible for 2-4% of your processing and has a major weakness … follow through. It gets distracted easily and therefore can have difficulty in getting things done.


Contrast this with your subconscious mind that is doing 96-98% of your mental processing. It monitors all of your bodily functions and thousands of events simultaneously. It’s programmed with the patterns that run your life. Just like a tape recorder that’s running the same tape over and over again. The subconscious mind is an expert at whatever you have focused on and memorized through repetition in the past.


So really, we are each creatures of habitual thinking. Good if you like the results. If not, perhaps it’s time for a new tape in that subconscious tape recorder.


So for Angela to achieve these different, more desirable results in her life, she effectively went into reprogram the thinking patterns in her subconscious mind. And then wala, it appeared as if her thoughts and outcomes changed quickly. They did, practically overnight.


If Angela can do this, you can too! She was thrilled and so were her team members and manager.

Change your thoughts, change your results.






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