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Serving to Go
Beyond Customer Service.

December 9, 2016

What do I mean by Going Beyond Customer Service?


As a property management consultant, I’ve seen it all. It starts with the premise that service is a mindset and a way of living that extends beyond customers. To be truly excellent at customer service, practice Service as a Habit in all your interactions on a daily basis! This way excellent service becomes the norm as you practice it with everyone. Not only will your customers benefit…so will everyone else in your company and your life!

This may take a conscious effort and focus on your part at first. And, your associates will most likely wonder what you are up to. Take a look at what I mean by serving up Service as a Habit:


Who are you Serving: Most likely you are serving the needs and requests of your business owner, boss, team members, customers and yourself (that’s a lot of diverse service).


What are you Serving: Certainly your product, and hopefully good feelings, happiness, smiles and some fun in doing business with you! (sure beats serving up gossip, negativity and grumpiness)


Where are you Serving: Everywhere. Practice makes perfect! Why would you ever want to be stingy anyway?


When are you Serving: Always. Whenever you are interacting with people there is an opportunity to be of service. Even when you go to Starbucks and think that they are there to serve you, the customer, you have a chance to help make their day special, too!


Why are you Serving: Because it brings you feelings of satisfaction, fulfillment and contribution. It feels good (vs. just to get a paycheck).


Ahhhhh…Service! It’s common nowadays to complain about poor service pretty much everywhere. So as the saying goes, ‘Be the Service You Wish to Receive’ (Yes, I just made that up). Being of Service is indeed a mindset and a habit that can be developed with practice. Why wait? Start today. Lead by example and form this powerful habit that really will expand your business results. Yes, business results increase by being of service to ALL those around you. Good to know!


Just as there’s a difference in being a traditional consultant and a specialized property management consultant, there’s a difference between basic customer service and amazing multifamily customer service. Contact me for more information on how to stand out from the crowd.


PS: As my daughter wrote in her insightful poem, ‘Go Beyond Love’, I believe that Going Beyond Customer Service will assist each of us in serving up love, appreciation and business results.



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