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The Power of Requesting.

December 9, 2016


As a property management consultant, I feel so strongly about each and every one of us making requests that our Rights of Requests should really be added into the Rites of Passage into adulthood!


The process of making requests is a critical skill to master to achieve your desires and goals…it’s essential to ask for what you want. Don’t expect or assume that someone knows what’s important to you.


What’s a request?


Formally or politely asking or expressing a desire for something. Often times this includes asking someone to start, stop or change a behavior. Making a request is a two-way street and requires open lines of communication with another to be effective. This can take courage.So what holds us back? Why don’t we ask for more of what we want?


Bottom line, asking entails taking a risk. It can feel like you are sticking your neck out and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to what someone might think of you. Often it’s because we do not want to be so forward, show that we need assistance or, that we are afraid of getting a NO…a rejection!


But, think of it this way. What are they rejecting YOU or the Request? The request…it’s not personal! What a refreshing way to lower the risk factor.


Here are some request examples:


Are you married or know someone who is? Didn’t one of them make a request? It usually sounds like ‘will you marry me?’ What a risk this questions is. The result…well…you know that answer!


Most likely your company sells a product or service. The fastest way to profitability…teaching everyone to make selling requests or ‘ask for the sale’. I have a client in the multifamily/apartment business. Traditionally, only the office team rents the apartments. They taught their maintenance team members ‘sales/leasing’ techniques. The result is that now rentals come from everyone instead of just a few!


Recently some friends went to Aspen for a romantic weekend. The non-refundable hotel room that they booked on the internet was inconsistent with their expectations. They had to make a quick choice: tuff it out or make a request? They choose to make a polite request and got their money back! The result was that they were able to get a ‘last-minute’ room at the only 5-Star hotel in Aspen for about the same rate.


Making requests is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Get clear about what you want (this is critical).

  2. Make the request appropriately (politely and timely).

  3. Be willing to honor the others’ answer and be prepared to discuss (there is always another perspective).


While we have the Rights of Requests, the requestee also has rights. They have the right to: Accept, Decline or Counter!


But first we must have the courage to ask and engage in the conversation. Stay tuned for further details on declining and countering with effectiveness.The way to gain confidence in asking for what you want is to practice making requests throughout the day.



Make it a habit, a custom, a tradition of making requests with both big and small impact. The better you get at making requests, the better your overall happiness and business results will be. And, most often we actually help other people at the same time. Have fun with it!

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