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Break Through 3.0 - Gain Proof That You Can Achieve More!

In a world where many things are not as they seem, taking on a new perspective can change the insurmountable into the achievable! Trust in yourself acts as the bridge between your status-quo and the results you dream of and that you're capable of achieving, here and now.

Terri takes you on a step-by-step journey that will lead you past the state of frustration and doubt to a place within yourself where you'll break through to proactive, targeted action and attain the ability to consistently and courageously trust yourself! We'll do this through a literal board-breaking experience that is hugely powerful, hugely fun and hugely effective. 

Participants will:

  • Learn the importance of belief to the achievement of success

  • Define and proactively address obstacles to progress

  • Develop the ability to zero in and focus on desired results

  • Experience the transformative, personal power of targeted action

  • Commit small, everyday changes that create life-long, break-through results


You'll discover that the answers are right at your fingertips as you literally and symbolically break through obstacles to discover and explore new opportunities and learn new ways of thinking. 

Your new-found trust perspective will empower you to re-engage at work and in life, leading yourself to dream and achieve higher levels of joy and success. You'll see, hear and feel tangible proof of what's possible and adopt "I can do it" as a new way of living.

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